Pack Mule Offers a Wide Array of Electric Material Handling Carts, including Stock Chasers, Burden Carriers, Personnel Carriers, Tow Tractors.  Pack Mule Also Offers Towable Industrial Trailers.  All these industrial strength products are back by our Amazing, Industry Leading 3 Year Warranty!




Pack Mules are designed and built to meet the needs of demanding, mission critical applications.  They are “industrial strength” and highly reliable.  As a result, Pack Mules are the “tool of choice” for large auto and appliance plants as well as large “pick-pack and ship” fulfillment centers, where seconds count and productivity is constantly measured and evaluated.  Because they require maximum throughput and cannot afford down time, they have come to depend on Pack Mule.

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In a survey conducted by a respected, independent market research firm, Pack Mule rated highest (when compared to the most popular competitive brands) on “Quality & Price” and “Total Cost of Ownership”.

When respondents were asked what characteristics of Pack Mule they valued most, they emphasized the following three:

  • Customer Service/Responsiveness
  • Design/Functionality/Well Built
  • Durability/Reliability


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By Bob Fisher, CEO

In the field of warehouse and industrial facility management, productivity it measured by sophisticated IT systems, and lean principles (emphasizing the elimination of waste) have become increasingly prevalent.  In this context, electric industrial vehicles (such as electric stock chaser, burden carriers, personnel carriers, and tugs), including electric tow vehicles or tuggers, are playing an ever increasing role.  The role of forklift trucks, on the other hand, is being reduced.  Forklifts are increasingly limited to their most essential role – moving materials vertically (placing pallet loads on elevated shelves and racks for storage and bringing them down when they are needed).

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