Pack Mule Industrial Electric Center Pivot Trailers

Center Pivot Trailers


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Pack Mule’s six-wheel, center-pivot trailers, like all Pack Mule trailers, are built for high-volume, critical applications—applications where you have to have a trailer that works shift after shift. These trailers range from order pickers with Pack Mule’s exclusive bolt-on shelf system to the fast-loading single pallet trailers. Pack Mule has also adapted the six-wheel trailers to a variety of specific applications.

Because Pack Mule has expanded the definition of “standard trailer,” you can probably find a standard Pack Mule trailer to fit your needs. If not, we’ll provide the engineering and application design resources to design and manufacture a trailer that does. In either case, we’ll get your trailer to you in less than half the time the others require, sometimes a lot less than half.

We’ll be glad to provide a trailer configured to your specifications for you to try, doing your work in your work environment. You’ll see that the Pack Mule trailer is stronger, safer and built to reduce both downtime and maintenance. Click here to request a demo.

What You Get with Every Pack Mule Trailer:

  • Rugged construction, built for high volume, mission critical applications.
  • Our industry-leading three-year warranty.
  • Pack Mule’s exclusive bolt-on shelf system, allowing you to choose the number of shelves you need, either when you order the trailer or later, if your needs change.
  • A full range of options (such as our unique Hush Kit for applications where noise is an issue) that let you configure your trailers to your needs.
  • In-house design and application engineering support—at no charge.
  • 6-ply, Load Range C Pneumatic tires and wheels with automotive-grade tapered bearings. If your work environment requires solid tires, they are an option.

Pack Mule trailers work seamlessly with Pack Mule electric vehicles. Click here to learn more about how Pack Mule tow vehicles work with the trailers.