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Pack Mule Maintenance Carts are made in the USA, and they are still truly Industrial Grade! While our competitors have gradually moved to more commercial grade (lighter construction and reduced functionality), Pack Mule has gone in the opposite direction, realizing that in some cases a week of down time can be more expensive to the user than the original cost of the Maintenance Cart itself! And enhanced productivity has a rapid ROI!

Pack Mule Electric Maintenance Vehicles provide extra run time and outperform the competition all day long, day in and day out. There is no better electric industrial utility vehicle on the market today.

Pack Mule offers a broad portfolio of maintenance vehicles that are designed to maximize productivity for transporting maintenance personnel, equipment and materials in industrial environments such as warehouse, distribution and manufacturing facilities. Each customer can choose the right maintenance vehicle for their individual application based on how they answer the following questions:

  • Deck weight capacity?
  • One passenger or two?
  • Towing Capacity?
  • Deck size?
  • Turning radius?
  • Deck height?
  • Vehicle length and width?
  • Accessories


Pack Mule Electric Maintenance Carts are used to move personnel, equipment and materials to locations within warehouses, maintenance facilities, manufacturing plants and facilities, and other types of industrial facilities to the locations where maintenance is to be performed. These state-of the-art industrial maintenance vehicles and carts are designed to be highly maneuverable to operate in tight spaces. Pack Mule electric industrial maintenance carts are highly reliable so as to avoid costly down time.

Pack Mule Maintenance Vehicles Are True Industrial Grade & Made in the USA to Last for Many Years with the latest ergonomic designs, features & components. Pack Mule maintenance vehicles and carts are the choice of users. Pack Mule Industrial Maintenance Vehicles come with a 3 year industry leading warranty and are built to last.

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