Pack Mule Towable Carts

Pack Mule industrial towable carts are designed for the demands of high volume, industrial use.  Each model of industrial trailer offered by Pack Mule is designed to last for years, and that’s why only Pack Mule offers its Industry leading Three-Year Warranty on its industrial towable carts.

We can offer this incredible Warranty because of the superior designs and components that do into every Pack Mule Trailer.  In contrast to most competitors, we use tapered bearing, substantially higher quality wheels and solid steel construction.

In order to demonstrate the superiority of Pack Mule towable carts, we offer free, no-risk demos of our towable carts.  We will configure one or more towable carts for your specific application and send it to you for you to try for up to two weeks.

(Please note that we use the terms “industrial trailer” and “industrial cart” interchangeably to include all forms of industrial carts and industrial towable carts towed by electric tow vehicles to move materials horizontally in industrial and commercial facilities.)



Because today’s industrial facilities use every square foot of space as efficiently as possible, Pack Mule recognizes that its industrial towable carts must track very precisely, one behind another.   In fact, we pride ourselves in the fact that Pack Mule industrial towable carts can operate in trains of up to six fully laiden industrial towable carts with the last Pack Mule industrial trailer tracking very close to the track of the first industrial trailer.

Pack Mule Towable Industrial Towable carts and Towable Industrial Carts by Wesley International are designed and manufactured for efficient horizontal movement of materials to in lean material handling applications to meet demanding material handling needs. Applications for our tracking industrial towable carts for lean and tracking industrial carts for lean include: use as order picking carts that can then be towed to the shipping area, positive tracking towable carts for lean manufacturing operations to move materials to the production line on a “just-in-time” basis.  In fact, development of “best in class” industrial carts and towable towable carts for lean applications has become something of a specialty at Pack Mule.

From single pallet tracking industrial towable carts to highly configurable tracking towable carts with multiple shelves and even ground-up custom designs of positive tracking towable carts and order picking towable carts and carts, Pack Mule tracking industrial towable carts can solve the most demanding application difficulties. Designed and manufactured in the USA, our product teams will work with you from start to finish on your material handling solutions.

Pack Mule positive tracking towable carts offer an expandable, reliable and safe answer to your operational requirements. Whether you need to pick, pack and ship inventory in your distribution center warehouse, or deliver and remove inventory in tight LEAN manufacturing work centers, towable, positive tracking towable carts offer a forklift free method of achieving increased productivity.

Pack Mule Center Pivot Towable Tracking Industrial Carts are excellent positive tracking towable carts for manual use and offer an operator friendly solution to towable, accurate tracking towable carts, offering excellent trackability when towed in multiple chains. This is the model particularly preferred by our customers for use as order picking towable carts and order picking carts.

Pack Mule Precision Quad Steer Tracking Industrial Towable Carts are 4 wheel linked towable carts that offer exact tracking and are the answer for towing on rough or uneven ground and inclines. Available wheel options offer the payload a softer ride, as well.

Pack Mule positive tracking industrial towable carts are available in quick delivery standard models or can be custom designed and built to your exacting requirements. Pack Mule positive tracking industrial towable carts, order picking towable carts and electric vehicles are a one-shop stop for all your forklift free, horizontal material handling transport improvements.

We are so confident that application of Pack Mule’s industrial carts and industrial towable carts for lean applications can substantial enhance productivity in most industrial facilities, we offer risk free demos for customers at their facilities.  We know what our lean, industrial towable carts and industrial carts can do to save your employees time and you money that we are willing to make this unique offer.  So, be sure and ask about our Risk Free Demo Program on our industrial towable carts for lean applications.

Pack Mule also offers the only engineered towing systems on the market today!

Pack Mule’s engineering towing systems consist of electric tuggers and towable carts that have been designed to operate together, making for the safest and most productive resources for moving materials horizontally in industrial facilities.

By offering a one-stop-shopping experience, Pack Mule not only offers substantial convenience but also the assurance that the tuggers and towable carts chosen have been engineered to work effectively and safely together to get the job done.  This contrasts with the old fashioned process by which users purchase tuggers and tow carts from different companies with no assurance that they will operate effectively and safely together, substantially increasing the chance of incompatible and even unsafe equipment.

In fact, tuggers and towable carts are two of our fastest growing product categories, as industries are increasingly using tuggers and tow carts to replace forklifts for moving materials horizontally in warehouses and manufacturing facilities in order to move materials far more quickly and safely.






Specifications (PDF)


Specifications (PDF)


Specifications (PDF)
Why Choose
This Model?
BC-62035.5" Front
35.5" Rear
18" Front
48" Rear

EXTRA LENGTH CREATES LARGEST DECK SPACE FOR OPERATOR SEATED TOW TRACTOR ! The BC-620′s extra length provides great deck space (2,343, sq. in.) but also requires  a little extra turning radius.

5,000 & 6,000

COMBINES NARROW FRAME & TIGHT TURNING RADIUS! The PCT-3500 is the choice for some of the nations largest package delivery services.

BCG-620035.5" Front
35.5" Rear
21.3" Front
25" Rear

HEAVY DUTY TOWING – INDUSTRIAL BATTERY FOR RAPID AND OPPORTUNITY CHARGING! The BCG-6200 was designed specifically for a major auto producer to accommodate an industrial battery capability, allowing it to be charged during brakes and keep running through all three shifts.

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